Just found out this exist. Kinda awesome, kinda weird. Me Rikey. #worldcup #cycle-ball #cycleball #cycling #soccer

Birthday dinner! #latergram #chefsgallery #chinesefood #sydney #picture #noodles #birthdaydinner (at Chefs Gallery)

The creative side of business is the most important #advertising #creative #ittakestime

Dye Feat. Egyptian Lover - She’s Bad | Fantastic Video Art, concept, execution, and great pay off at the end. Love this!

Ultra-rich man's letter: "To My Fellow Filthy Rich Americans: The Pitchforks Are Coming"

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to finances but @NickHanauer really puts shit into perspective. #middleclass

Soylent - he easy, healthy future of nutrition

Boom!!! just ordered my first batch of  The future is now!!! pretty excited. 


If you excuse the 1995 Geocities Website, there is proof to back this up. This also further supports my “Smoke & Mirrors” philosophy on the entertainment and music industry.  While I’ve mostly dealt/worked with Indie musicians (and a few mainstream cats) the amount of money that people ACT like they make is exponentially less than what they ACTUALLY make.  It’s an extremely volatile game with spurts of good money and longer droughts of no money and this just proves it.  It’s not for the faint at heart and just think these are commercial well known cats with hits on the radio. Think about all the Indie Artists that I listen to/enjoy/post up/support/like and how much they really make. Would be interesting if they did this for the DIY/INDIE artists (and most likely very very sad). :-(

DEAR WHITE PEOPLE (Movie Trailer) Can’t wait to see this! #CBP #CoolBlackPeople @dearwhitepeople  

Awesome 24 hour #shREDeyeSunday trip. Looking forward to the next one. #picture #snowboarding #shredding #perisher #australia #snow (at Perisher Valley)

#snowboarding #shredeyesunday #shredding #australia #picture #other (at Perisher)

Oh hello #snowboarding in #australia. I have missed you. #snowboard #shREDeyeSunday #perisher (at Perisher)

Why The Music Industry's Next Big Disruption Is In The Recording Studio

Musicians, Audio Engineers, and Studios need to adapt or die! #Singularity is on it’s way 

BatteryBox - Don’t need a Power Cable again for your Macbook. Looking forward to this!

Lessons Of Iron War: The Mind Can Change The Body - Triathlete.com

Pretty technical/nerdy article about Control Entropy in Runner’s Gait/Form when fatigued and still exerting maximal force. It’s basically the first steps into a POWER METER for running.

Highly recommend the book Iron War about the best Iron Man race in 1989 between Mark Allen & Dave Scott. Awesome book which is where I found out about Control Entropy in Running gait/form.

Getting my gear #snowboard @snowskierswarehouse and its 22celsius/70Fahrenheit here on Sydney. Yeah that’s not #weird #shredding #shREDeyeSUNDAY #picture #other @motowntimmy (at Snow Skiers Warehouse)